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I Just Added These Video Interiews. They are Long but Interesting!
Project Camelot interview DR Steven Greer Barcelona, 26 July 2009 [1:11:26]
Project Camelot interview with Joseph Farrell's: Nazi International [1:47:39]
Project Camelot interviews John Lear [53:57]
Project Camelot interviews Bill Holden [1:09:28]
Project Camelot interview with Bob Dean in May 2007: Coming of Nibiru. [1:45:52]
Project Camelot interviews Bob Dean - Part 1 of 3 [59:42], Part 2 [36:28], Part 3 [9:58]
Project Camelot Interviews Leo Zagami-Part 1 [1:04:49], Part 2 [59:48], Part 3 [29:14]
Project Camelot Interviews Jordan Maxwell: THE TAKEOVER OF PLANET EARTH [2:48:15]
Project Camelot interviews Sgt. Clifford Stone [52:01]
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I Know What I Saw 2011 - Featured Videos
UFO DOCUMETARY I Know What I Saw 2011 (HC) [1:30:31]

Great Environmental Video
Home (trailer) [2:12]

TV Channels - Featured Videos
Cosmic Journeys: Supermassive Black Hole in the Milky Way Galaxy [19:37]

Current Military (Note: the plane is dubbed useless in the War on Terror)
NOVA (PBS) - Battle of the X-Planes [1:53:44]

Old Military
"Operation Highjump" The US Navy's Expedition to Antartica in 1947 [1:09:37]

Space Race
Apollo 13 to the Edge and Back [1:27:00]
What Is NASA Hiding? - Secret Space, UFOs and NASA [1:26:53]
UFOTV Presents...: The Cosmonaut Cover-up [52:36]
Russian Space Shuttle [1:47]

UFO - Extraterrestrial
Aztec 1948 UFO Crash - The Govt Cover-Up of Recovered Alien Technology [57:01]
Roswell: The UFO UnCoverup [56:00]
UFOTV: I Know What I Saw - Witnesses of the Roswell [1:16:58]
Tunguska - The UFO Russian Roswell [51:00]

Official Investigations & NASA
HST-UFO Hunters-The NASA Files-S01E13 [44:21]
4hrs UFO Witness Investigators - Part 1 of 2[1:58:52]

Project Camelot interviews Dan Burisch [33:54]
UFOs & Area 51: The Bob Lazar Video [41:41]

People vs Goldman Sachs, an interview with Matt Taibbi at Rolling Stone [10:52]
"Too Big to Fail" - Curtis Hanson (trailer)
The Fall of Lehman Brothers Part1

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