Make sure you check the other menus Extraterrestrial p2  and Extraterrestrial p3 .  Also check out the UFO Channel and the History Channel found further down the menu, under TV Channels.


4 Hour Witness DVD - Part 1 of 2 [1:58:52] 4 Hour Witness DVD - Part 2 of 2 [1:56:24]

Fastwalkers UFO [1:37:25] UFO DOCUMETARY I Know What I Saw 2011[1:30:31]

the-greatest-story-ever-denied UFO-files-real-UFOs-history-channel
UFO - The Greatest Story Ever Denied [1:34:03] UFO Files - Real UFOs - History Channel [45:08]

UFOTV Presents...: X-Conference 2009 National Press Club : 1:18:20
UFOTV Presents...: X-Conference 2010 National Press Club : 1:06:03



UFOTV Presents...: Touched - ET Encounters - featuring Dr. John Mack, MD [1:15:55]
Peoples Accounts Who Have Seen UFOs (HST UFO Hunters... entertaining)

UFO-hunters-the-NASA-files heartland-explosion-S02E03
HST-UFO Hunters-The NASA Files-S01E13 [44:21] HST-UFO Hunters-Heartland Explosion-S02E03 [44:32]

People Giving Other explainations

UFOTV Presents...: Cereal Worm Holes 1 They Are All Real [57:57]

People Who Have Worked With Alien Technologies

Roswell: The UFO UnCoverup [56:00]

Tunguska - The UFO Russian Roswel [51:00]

Project Camelot interviews Dan Burisch [33:54]

Area51, Area S4 UFOs & Area 51: The Bob Lazar Video [41:41]

bob-lazar david-adair
Art Bell - Bob Lazar - UFOs and Hydrogen Fuel [1:59:07] UFOTV Presents...: David Adair at Area 51-Advanced Symbiotic Technology [41:18]

Area51 and S4

Even more links

UFO Documentary - The Day The Gods Fell To Earth : 46:37
Out of the Blue [1:28:59]

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