This menu is less about the military, and more about the exploration that went on after WWII. The Nazi's seemed to have a lot more technology at their disposal then all the allied forces combined.  Check out "Operation Highjump" The US Navy's Expedition to Antartica in 1947 and Nazi ufo The Bell Documentry below.


HAARP Holes in Heaven


NOVA (PBS) - Battle of the X-Planes [1:53:44]

Not So Much Military But Interesting Flying Machines

Boeing 747 Dreamlifter [3:33 ]
Boeing Revolutionizes Flight: 787 Dreamliner [3:11]
Boeing 787 Flight Video Takeoff And Landing HD [5:27]

P-791 Flying Machine [1:10 ]
P-791 Hybrid Air Vehicle [3:22 ]

Military, shortly after WWII

The Secret Land | "Operation Highjump" The US Navy's Expedition to Antartica in 1947 [1:09:37]
90 Degrees South
The Great Meltdown - Antartica [22:12]

Nazi Antarctica [10:12 ]
Antarktis invasion [6:42 ]
Nazi ufo The Bell Documentry part 1 [9:22 ]
Nazi ufo The Bell Documentry part 2 [9:22 ]

Antartic Images - Antarctica 01 [7:44 ]

Arctic Survival - Russia - Chukchi population [25:44]

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